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I have a TWM M1 Abrams shift knob for sale, graphite or gunmetal finish (don't know which lol), engraved shift pattern for S60R/V70R or any Volvo with the M66 transmission I guess.

I'm looking to TRADE for the stock shift knob and silver piece from an 05+S60R/V70R (I like the engraved shift pattern of the 05+ knob), must be in very good shape (or include some cash on the side), and you must cover shipping of both the TWM knob to you and your stock shift knob to me.

I have this knob's insert modified so you don't have to thread the shaft of the shift lever, the insert has a little notch cut out of it at precisely the right height so the stock pin holds it in place without any movement, and the inner threads were drilled out so it is a tight fit on the shaft. Basically to install this shift knob you remove your stock shift knob, slide the insert onto the shaft, reinsert the pin, and then screw the TWM knob into place, that's all! No threading of the shaft, nothing, and it's as solid as a rock.

I'll repeat though, I'M LOOKING TO TRADE FOR THE STOCK 05+ R SHIFT KNOB AND SILVER PIECE. Straight up trade, this is a shift knob of over $120 in value and it's yours for free if you cover shipping and send me your stock R shift knob and silver piece (that is in very good condition of course :))

The reason I am getting rid of this knob is because it just gets too damn hot in the summer time and too damn cold in the winter time (my car isn't garaged), I love the weighted feel but its just not worth it to me anymore.

Priority will be given to the best condition shift knob! lol


Sent me a pm and we'll work something out!
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