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Hey guys,

New around here but wanted to get some advice. I've had my s60 for around two years now and got it @ 30k. It is now @ 55k and starting to need repairs. I was driving two weeks ago home and felt a slight jolt in the engine, thought it could be the road so I kept going. I then saw my dash flashing saying shift up or slow down. I decided to shift up from 4th to 6th and maintain speed. The light went away and then my engine died- right before it died i smelled an electronic burn smell. (I work with computers and could tell the smell) while on my way home. I pulled to the side of the road and tried to start up again but wouldn't start. Kept trying to fire. I towed home and had the coils, plugs, replaced then my mechanic mentioned a fuse needing to be replaced also. I had it all done and the car is running great. I notice now though when I accelerate the turbo feel and noise is much less. I don't feel boost and am worried something happened to the turbo when the car failed at speed. Mechanic is thinking it could be the turbo after checking it, wanted to drop the exhaust this weekend to check it further and check the wastegate seal. Does anyone have any experience with issues with these turbos? Anything to look for before buying a new turbo? I found a donor car with a 50k turbo working nearby and was wondering if I should just grab that or get a brand new turbo?


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