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So, i've been thinking about my need for power, and less turbo lag and i've heard that getting a turbo upgrade is a great way to go.
I believe that this includes a larger clipped compressor wheel, better impeller wheel, polished housing and bearing replacement.

I've heard that i'll get much better power on demand (less turbo lag) and improve the top end as well without sacrificing the low end.


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This is what I posted on Volvospeed..
I would probably suggest the upgrade if the price is right. I seriously can't give much advice on this since last time when I got mine done by TX Rebuild, they screwed up twice.

Ever since I got the turbo from there, I always had a lot of problems.

Frist time failure, they told me that it was because some foreign object got in the turbo which caused the problem...took them forever to fix that, and the warranty did not apply.

Second time, they did not assemble the turbo correctly, and the thing failed on my when I had he car on the dyno machine. Took them a while to fix it, too..not as long, but how hard is it to put a turbo back together?

The experience was horrible with these guys, I'm glad I finally have a chance to speak up. What I would strongly recommend to get more info from the vendor before you spend your $$$ on this upgrade. Those guys at that TX Rebuild couldn't even tell me a straight answer that what exactly was done on the turbo. Not only sounded very unprofessional, but untruthful also.

You can seriously crank up engouh HP on this current turbo already..just get the stronger
wastegate and you will be okay. If you really have that kind of money to spend, invest on cooling aspect of your engine performance.

The typical turbo upgrade they offer will be more the $500~600. For that price, you can get a pretty decent aftermarket turbo for your engine size. All I can say is...choose carefully, but just don't choose Texas Rebuild.
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