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Turbo timers are a pretty cool concept IMHO, but I know that the folks over at AudiWorld with 1.8t & 2.7t engines have installation issues with them because they are hard to install on these newer cars with advanced alarms and especially new Volvo's with 'chipped' keys.

The problems usually occur with getting the timer to work with the factory or aftermarket alarm systems. These systems produce some sort of ignition kill which is in direct conflict with the control of the turbo timer. The turbo timer wants to keep the car running, yet the alarm wants to kill ignition. IMHO, it is not worth the trouble, because waiting 15-30 seconds before shutting off the car is easy. I think I would spend that money on a boost gauge.

Here is a really clean turbo timer install on a S4.

Here is a nice Defi HUD turbo timer and boost guage combo:

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