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Re: (treacherous)

the last 5 miles of my drive home is a steep winding uphill 2 lane road... lots of fun to drive, but speaking from experience it is hard on tires, brakes and rotors (and the engine, although none of the cars I've owned while up here have had engine problems).

I usually let my car run for about a minute when I get into the driveway, and after turning it off, there is some sort of pump or fan that will run for a while (time it runs for seems to depend on how hard I push the car on the way up the hill). This makes me think that the car will not just shut down cold, and has this built in as a way to protect itself from shutting down while too hot... BUT, I could be totally off base. I'd love to know for a fact that this is the case, so I could feel better about hammering the car and not letting it run forever in the driveway.
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