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Turbo for non-turbo

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I would like to upgrade my non-turbo 95' 855 GLT to a turbo. What do i need to do for a turbo?
thank you
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Swap cars is the best way. With the amount of labor needed and mods to all running gear...buy a used T5.

Sorry about the bad news and being so blunt. That's just the best way to have put it.

Eastern Aerospace sells a low pressure turbo for the NA 850, however it is expensive and less horsepower than simply upgrading to the T-5 to begin with. This should really only be an option if you are really attached to your car. I think I would go to a T-5 like Prospero said.
Or if $$$ is not an issue, you can always rebuild your motor from ground up and do a turbo conversion. Anything is possible if you don't have $$$ restriction.

A custom fab exhaust manifold to go with your turbo upgrade can be done, too. You would probably need an aftermarket engine management system all together. Of course, you will need the turbo, intercooler and the right piping. Maybe head gasket from the turbo model....man the list goes on.

Hope others won't think I sound like an ass, but $$$$$$ is seriously the driving force to get this project going. If you think you can afford it, we can get this project rolling.
Yeah money is an issue, one of the reasons i wanted to upgrade and not buy a new one is that my car is a stick and i couldn't find a stick w/ a turbo. Thanks for the suggestions though.
I wonder if a T-6 engine from a wrecked '99 S80 would be a possible conversion in a 850? Would it fit? Custom engine mounts and such? Both are transverse so I don't think firewall cutting would be necessary, exept for maybe the T-6 gearbox if it the 850 tranny is unmatable. Seems the new XC90 can fit both (T-5 or T-6 tranny), I wonder if there is any major dimensional differences? Damb would that ever be worth the money!!! Fastest 850 ever.(and all Volvo!)
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the inline-6 transversely mounted in the s80 fills up the whole engine bay so much so that the transmission had to be specially obtained from gm and is actually crooked. the inline-5 in the s80 (other world markets) looks absolutely tiny in the engine bay. it looks ok in the 850...i doubt u'd have enough space for the tranny if u put the inline-6 in 850 bay, even at first u can stuff thei nline-6 in the 850 bay.
what about putting other engine mods like a an extractor manafold, exhaust, upgraded ECU. that type of stuff.?
Putting a turbo on an NA requires a new head, different ECU, new radiator, different plumbing, compression should be changed, and a few other fun things. Really if you wanted to drop one in, get a new engine or a new car...or look for other things you can do with an NA 850 (get a shop to forge you pistons, etc). I wouldn't trust Eastern Aerospace's bolt on Turbo.

Originally posted by chopper:
Putting a turbo on an NA requires a new head, different ECU, new radiator, different plumbing, compression should be changed, and a few other fun things.
I'd bet that a n/a 850 could handle 6-8lbs. of boost without changing the head or compression, as long as it has sufficient fuel. To build a motor as powerful as the HPT would require some more changes, but just adding a turbo for a mLPT engine setup won't require major changes.
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