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Tuning Question

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After installing my FMIC do I need to do a Read Car? and send new data to RICA for another tune to optimize performance or will there be no difference?

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A read car will not know you bolted anything on. It's pretty much to get your software version so RICA can give you a compatible program.

I asked Frank (EST) a similar question... If you have the RICA tune for having a downpipe, that's all there is unless you do a custom map. Custom maps require a dyno run logging all parameters (speed, rpm, boost, a/f, dunno what else).

Found the email reply from Frank:
"Adding an intercooler normally does not require different software. Custom software can also be created if you dyno the car and send us all of the log parameters that we require to make adjustments to the program."
Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for.
Re: (PasS40ion)

i think there is a distinciton between necessity and good to have.
if you have a tune, then as stated its not strictly necessary to have it retuned just due to the FMIC.

however, if you can get a custom tune taking into account the FMIC, then you can reap more benefits from the FMIC over a standard tune. thats what i did after i installed mine.
pass40ion hows the car feel after the intercooler. Worth it?
Re: (kpsingh0)

Quote, originally posted by kpsingh0 »
pass40ion hows the car feel after the intercooler. Worth it?

Definitely worth it.

At first I was skeptical because there is a loss of low-end torque, this I am assuming is due to the larger intercooler taking longer to fill up with air and cause pressure "intake air lag" if you will. But the mid-upper range is unbelievable and makes up for it and more, it pulls hard almost all the way to red-line now and once I install the HD TCV I'm hoping to hold on to even more boost. Also when the temperature outside used to go above 70F (21.1C) the car seemed to run so much slower a huge loss of power due to heatsoak and just hot less dense air. Now the car is much more consistent and always runs like it did in the cold weather except acceleration is extremely smooth and linear with a small boost spike towards 5500rpms.


As soon as I can get in on a dyno day with a shop around town I am going to send the info to RICA, I also need to get a boost gauge because I hope to hit 15 atleast in the future.
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