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Tulsa Expo center

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This forum needs some action, so here's a bit I took yesterday.

1. The Golden Driller

2. The Golden Driller crotch shot






8. Top of the Art Deco pavillion.

9. I liked the texture, but I need to do this again to get it lined up better. There should be a horizontal line straight down the middle and let the lines come together with more symmetry at the left.
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Re: Tulsa Expo center (PPower)

Nice shots. The color has a nice pop to it.

The wall shot does need something. Less depth of field maybe or less lens distortion so the lines are square (this can be done PS with the transform tweaker).

I need to get my as* out more and shoot.
Re: Tulsa Expo center (850arrrsaylikepirate)

Thanks. The sky was just incredibly blue after a morning storm that was black like night. I was going to look up what to use in PS to fix distortion. This was all shot with my Nikon 18-200VR, and there are several of these that show just how bad the distortion can be. I should have grabbed my full bag, but I guess distortion is fixable.

As for getting out, I'm working on that as well. I bought me a Crumpler bag to fit the camera and 18-200 to keep in the car. With that said, I had to drive back to the house to get the camera and run shoot this.
I guess I need to consistently keep it around.
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