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I just received my bulbs today and the install was as easy as could be on my 2005 V50 T5 AWD. I installed the 65K bulbs and installation took approximately 5-10 minutes, due to conversion by the previous owner.

I highly recommend using the alcohol wipes to clean the bulbs and ensure that oils from your skin won't compromise the integrity of the bulbs and reduce their life (a problem others on this forum may have experienced).

Installation consisted of:

1) Removal of the tabs
2) Sliding out the light assembly
3) Disconnection of the wiring to the housing
4) Removal of the cover to access the bulbs
5) Changing out the bulbs
6) And finally, reassembly in the reverse order

In closing, I would say that if you're in need of quality HID bulbs for your car, you can't go wrong with TRS (The Retrofit Source). They burn brighter and are a fraction of the cost that you may find locally in your area. I was quoted $100 for one bulb from a nationally owned and operated auto parts store. TRS just gained another customer for life.
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