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Trip is getting closer...anyone able to tell me about day of pickup schedule wise?

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Greetings all,
Those of you who have gone to Göteborg to pick up your Volvo, what does the day look like schedule wise? I am bringing wife, 7 month child
, grandmother and great grandmother with me, and we have different levels of tolerance as far as the day's activities go.

I understand lunch may be served, and that there is a factory tour, but I am not sure when all of this happens in combination with the actual delivery of the vehicle. Considering my travel company, is the factory tour worth it?

We are trying to get out of Göteborg in a reasonable time to get to Karlstad, about 3 hours of driving north before 7 pm preferably.

I would appreciate a report of your delivery experience very much.

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Re: Trip is getting closer...anyone able to tell me about da ... (freezingalaskan)

Probably not to late to ask for a specific time to pickup your new OSD Volvo via email) from the FDC. 10 or 11 am should be plenty of time for you to sleep off some of the jet lag, enjoy the included breakfast at the SAS Radisson(great BTW) and enjoy your transfer out to the FDC (about 1/2 hr away?)

Not sure if you're getting NAV - if not - ask if they have a loaner NUVI you can use for your trip (need to return to GOT FDC though)

You'll check in at the front desk - and your 'concierge' will spend as much (or as little) time with you as you need to go over the paperwork (not much really) - then go over the features of your new car when they roll it out. They're also pretty good about directions and maps.

You'll also have the opportunity to purchase accessories (the rubber floor mats are a MUST!) for use on your trip (Exchange rate is stll over 8kr to the USD) or ship home with your car after drop off (if you're dropping it off in GOT)

Lunch (another MUST do!) is served right there at the FDC (start serving around noonish?) - and Factory Tour (well worth it IMHO...regardless of the makeup of your group) starts at 1:30? and lasts a full hour and a half. You and your wife might want to pick up the car, have lunch, take the tour and leave grandma, great grandma and 7 mo old at the hotel to stroll around downtown GOT...and pick up 'em up later in the pm)

You should be on the road by 3:30pm. You might also want to consider taking the tour when you drop it off (again - if you're dropping it off in GOT).

Have a safe, great trip and keep us posted! There's internet access and computers at the FDC...just in case you can't wait to post SS about your experience. TC
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Re: Trip is getting closer...anyone able to tell me about da ... (freezingalaskan)

Definitely contact the FDC with your order number to confirm a delivery time. Explain to them your desire to get on the road by a certain time, and they should be able to work with you.

Are all 5 of you going to the FDC? Make sure the FDC knows how many passengers they are picking up.

I assume you will have arrived the previous day and will be coming from the Radisson. You can bring your luggage with you, and they have a storage room for it at the FDC. No need to go back to the Radisson.

I definitely cast a vote in favor of the swedish meatball lunch.

Also, get a list of the available accessories you can purchase at the FDC. That way you can know what you want ahead of time.

When we picked up my car, we checked in (bring your passport as proof of identity), then waited a few minutes before we went over the paperwork. That was when we ordered our accessories, checked out the Volvo shop, etc.

It was about 45 minutes before our car came out. We went over the vehicle details and operation, then did a short test drive, and we were ready for lunch.

We skipped the tour, but others who have taken it have enjoyed the experience.

Be sure to check that you have an owner's manual with all your paperwork. Mine was missing, and Bob Kennedy obtained one for me after my car was delivered in the States.
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Re: Trip is getting closer...anyone able to tell me about da ... (BillFerg)

Definitely make sure the FDC knows how many people they are picking up at the Radisson and at the airport. IIRC, you are supposed to send the FDC a confirmation that you are indeed coming etc, about 5 days before you are due to arrive. That doesn't include holidays (the Swedish ones) and weekends.

Our first trip we told them that there would be 4 of us and they wrote back comfirming they would send a car for 2.
Of course, I prompty wrote back that there were 4. Then they got it right. Are you bringing the car seat for the baby or getting one at the FDC? You should let FDC know that there is a baby travelling with you.

If all of you are going to pick up the car, you may want to do the p/u, the lunch and then go to the Volvo Museum instead of the tour. I'm just thinking that if the baby needs to be tended to, that's difficult when you are on the blue train, and it may be boring for a greatgrandmother, unless she is a Volvo enthusiast.

The drive to Karlstad is pretty nice and the traffic isn't bad once you get out of G'borg. The Nuvi is a great idea as there seemed to be quite a few one way streets in Karlstad.

Hope this helps. Just ask if you have anymore questions.
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Thank you all for your very good ideas. I like the one about doing the factory tour when I return the car. I did not know that the return would be at FDC, but thought I may have to drop the car at a port somewhere.

And yes, our number of passengers is high, so I will definitely double check with them on that so we do not have to deal with it at pickup time.

I will definitely ask for a Nuvi to borrow, but I also have a Netbook with GPS and AutoRoute installed (European Street and Trips) so that would work in case that they don't have a Nuvi to lend me.

Again, thanks all for your responses.

And don't eat too many of the meatballs...Or your salt content will increase dramatically. Actually on my first OSD they weren't that salty. Hmmm.
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