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Traction control

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I have a couple of questions for everyone out there.
How much wheel spin do you get from your 850R during hard cornering? I have noticed that I can get as much as 1.5 seconds of inner wheel spin while exiting a corner. With the traction control this is not something I would expect.
Also can someone recommend a good wheel repair shop in San Diego/Orange County. I have had a vibration in the car since I bought it seven months ago. I have had it to the dealer five times (it was a CPO 855R) and they have not been able to fix the problem. They claim it is due to the stiff suspension on the car, but it is simple harmonic motion and not rough roads. I am concerned about a bent wheel, but they will not check for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Torque steering and crappy traction during hard cornering + hard accelerating...is just one of those things you will have to live with in a FWD car.
The older Volvo traction control does not work like that, so don't expect it will help you at hard acceleration during cornering.
You can always try to get those limit slip differential to remedy this problem, but LSD isn't exactly the most driver friendly device you want to add to your car.
Regarding the vibration, it could be as simple as the tires' balance being off or something other nuances. Or like you said, the worst case is rims are outta round.
Thanks for the info. I just did not expect the amount of wheel spin with traction control. In my other cars there is a significant cut in power if there was any loss in traction. As for the vibration, all four tires are new so there are no flat spots. Is it a possibility for the vibration to be caused by the rear alignment? This is the only other thing that has not been checked other than the true of the wheels.

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How old are the struts. I've pulled stuts from cars that passed the bounce test but were ****e. Vibration in the steering wheel went away.
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