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Recently I have noticed that on my way home from work about half way into the trip both the tracs off and abs lights come on in the dash and stay till I turn off the car - at which point they must reset and are no longer on when I turn the car back on. Any reason for concern?? BTW its a 97R w/ 36K. TIA
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I have also experienced this as well from time to time. I would estimate 4 times in the past six months, so I assume that it is nothing major.
Next time it happens try jiggling the key and see if it goes out. Common ignition switch problem on 850's.
ABS + Trac error light is a common plague among 850s. My just got bitten two wks ago, same exact symptoms, and after checking around the conclusion is as follows:

1) no big deal when both lights are on, basically it means you have traditional brakes, no ABS.

2) cause of the warning lights? possible ABS control unit failure or communications link breakdown between the module and the ABS pumps. Either case, it would cost up to $600 to fix it, but the dealer suggested resetting the error codes and see if the problem goes away. Actually, before the car went to the dealer the warning lights had gone away by itself after being on for two wks.

This appears to be another 850 bug along side squeeking dashboards, rattling seats, sticky power window switches, and premature battery deaths. Time will tell how many more bugs will surface.

This is really unfortunate for a car that only has 45,000 miles.
I had a similar problem with mine. The ABS light would go on while driving and reset when turned off. The failure was not the ABS unit or a communication error. It was one of those nasty sensors that like to go out. The cost of replacement was MUCH less than $600. I cannot recall exactly how much less because I also had quite a bit of other work done at the same time (trans flush, brake pedal sensor, brake light switch, new radiator).

94 850 Turbo, 92K miles, IPD ECU, Swaybars, Springs, Strut Brace and Bilstein Struts & Shocks
The most common code when the light int go on and off is for rear wheel sensors, they get very dirty in the drum part of the disc and can not do the job of measuring the wheel speed, the counter sees the problem and when it does not the lights go out, remove the dics and clean the sensors before spending all kinds of cash. As far as a sqeak in your dashboard, thats easy to fix these cars have great fit and finish, find the problem and fix it, it is almost always the cause of a prior repair or aftermarket install, and if you do not want your window switches to stick do not spill your drinks on top of them, I know the cupholder is in a bad spot but deal with it.
Thanks for the ideas - I'll let you know what we come up with for the cause
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