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2005 XC90 2.5T
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I've been having some weird electrical issues that I need advice from the engine management crowd (you guys).

I've been having issues with either my CEM or ECU or DIM; history is here. Car is an MY04XC70 wagon.

Basically, car starts acting all weird when it's been running for over 2 hours. Left rear door comes on that it's open (it's not), inside lights go on, transmission enters limp mode, then 'brake booster failure' this failure that failure. All controls (brakes, turn signal, lights. Then car goes 'dead' except the engine. No dash, no radio, no wipers or turn signal. no lights, no brakes. Pull over, turn off car, wait a few minutes, turn on, then I get the old SRS warning.

Pulled codes via softloader:
BCM-0094 Communication between control modules.
CEM-E001 Communication with the control module
CEM-1D08 Control module. Internal fault
ECM-928C Control module communication problems.
ECM-530B Communication transmission control module

Do a reset on VIDA, and presto - car is back to normal. And the battery is just fine (it's new). Alternator is ok too.

One of the members here pointed to the fact that the cluster shouldn't be taken down if the ecm(engine control module) goes down because the dim/cluster is on the low speed network and terminated on different nodes than the high speed.

So, do I have possible CEM or DIM issues? CEM did throw a 1D08 error code and do not both go through the CEM? (Both speeds that is) Meaning, if the CEM is bad or defective, when it fritzes out, it'll take both high and low down? (like it does in mine).
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