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Re: Towing with 94 850 base wagon (MaineDawn)

that'll be no problem. Only problem with these wagons is tongue wait, if it's not too high then they can tow like a big rig.

For instance, we have a 20ft boat with a 350lb tongue wait on the trailer. It was a little much for it especially with cargo and people in the back, but we trailered that boat on a 8hr trip up north there and back with no problems. That's keeping it under 110km/h and being VERY easy on the throttle and on hills. BUT, about a year later, the rear shocks were shot which we think was a direct link to towing the boat. But we already installed a hitch on the XC70 at that point so it didn't matter.

But a Uhaul trailer should be no problem at all. Go easy on the little NA though, they can barely move their own weight
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