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I did a search and didn't find much so I figured I'd put up the question to everyone.
We have an '01 V70 T5 that I purchased a couple years back with the intent of eventually towing. It's pretty much been yard waste to date, but we finally picked up a pop-up camper late last Fall, so we haven't had a chance to tow it yet (was doing brakes when I had to get it so a friend helped).

My main question is if there's anything different in towing with a wagon versus a pick-up/SUV? I've done that a bit years ago, but only tow smaller items once in a great while, hence the wagon over SUV choice. Would it be smart to maybe pick up a stabilizer bar for between the car and camper? Anything else to consider? I did a test run to check everything and the only thing I didn't like was I couldn't see out the back window due to the height! Ha ha! Any input would be appreciated!

Oh...and anyone ever do much towing through the mountains with one of these? Might be going to Yellowstone late this Summer.
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