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XC70 MY 2008 on

Already fitted with Volvo towing electrics but 7 pin.

I want to upgrade to 13 pin electrics. Bought the 13pin harness. However it does not fit the existing towing ECU (Part No 30716987). Back to the Dealer.

The parts people seem confused. To quote, "The ECU is the same for 7 and 13 pin, but it has been modified"! :facepalm:

Eventually they supplied replacement Ecu (Part No listed on Invoice as 31407107 but seems to be 31399575).

I have searched online for fitting instructions but cannot find anything that matches exactly.

The issue is...

The 13pin harness has two fly leads. One white, that's easy - its an earth. The other is orange and terminated in a narrow lucar plug in type connector. There is a spare way on one of the plugs that go to the ECU.

I'm guessing this is either a permanent or ignition controlled live??

Has anyone had any experience fitting the 13pin kit please. Any guidance would be gratefully received.

BTW. I am assuming it needs a software update - this is booked.


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