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Tornado Fuel Saver

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Has anyone tried the Tornado Fuel Saver in their S60 yet? I just installed one and my average gas mileage has jumped up 5 MPG already. Has anyone else tried this product yet?
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Are you kidding me? Do a Google group search on Tornado fuel saver, here, I'll do it for you!

Don't you think that if the manufacturers could stick a $3 piece of aluminum (Oh...you paid $75
) in the intake and get better fuel mileage they would be doing it.

Send it back and buy the 'Perfect Pancake'. That actually works and you get two for only $19.99 (plus S&H)..
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What is pathetic is how many r1ceb0y racers are buying them off eBay for up to $60.00(!!!!?????!) for their Hondas and Acuras, because it is apparent that the "TRUST" and "TYPE R" stickers aren't adding the claimed 150HP boost! Now that's some funny s***!!!!!!!

a fool and his money will soon be parted - don't know who first said that, but they were right - probably someone at an ad agency

-he who stacks pork

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Bullcrap.. Those Type-R stickers must work cos my 'Got Turbo?' sticker gets my 760 through the quarter a couple of seconds quicker than before. I'm positive about that.

Wait a minute, maybe that's the $800 carbon fiber strut brace that no-one can see. Dunno but those lighted exhaust tips kick ass. Gotta get one of those.
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