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I figured this might be useful instead of clogging up the whole forum with multiple threads on questions that no doubt have been answered somewhere..

I and my mother (we split 50/50) bought a 2004.5 S40 T5 a few weeks ago.
I'd previous owner had looked after it well and it's in a very decent condition inside and feels tight all round. It's got 195k km [~120k miles] on it and hasn't seen winter use in the last seven years.
Last year it got a BSR exhaust and a KW suspension, dropped 40mm (~1.5") all round, but set up quite neatly and is comfy.

Now what is on my list to do:
- Raise Throttle Pedal [I opened a thread to this a few days ago]
- Get a AUX in, been looking around, probably will try the antenna approach. Though a Parrot is installed I can't get it to work properly, plus I smashed its control unit today when shifting. Don't ask.. :facepalm:
- Eliminate vibrations under acceleration
- See whats up with the power steering.

First up I think are the vibrations.
I took my dad for a ride today (I'm sill learning and had my first lesson today :thumbup:) and handed the car over to him to get his verdict and opinion.
1) vibrations only occur under heavy acceleration, independent of gear and speed. Cruising is absolutely fine, as is braking and revving the engine.
My dad thought it's not the engine mounts as revving is fine, so from reading I guess it could be the transmission mounts or the axles (due to the car being lowered?).
Is there any easy way to eliminate one of the two? Are there any other possibilities? The strength of the vibrations range from violent, vision blurring to barely noticeable and sometimes aren't there at all...

Second is the power steering.
I set the alarm off once and upon starting the car power steering was missing and the message appeared that I should have it checked. Restarted engine and all was fine.

The other things can wait. And I'm sure the list will get longer. ;)

Will add pictures when I have some decent ones (photography is my hobby and I can't put it past me uploading a few mobile phone shots! I can leave this here though as I posted it a few days ago )

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