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Too picky?

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Just had snows taken off and summer tires put back on my wife's S60.

Had the job done at the dealer and was surprised to see that when they balanced the wheels, they hammered the lead weights on the outside of the rims.

Looks bad in my opinion and I haven't seen this done on any of my vehicles. Weights are usually on the inner side of the rim or the stick-on square weights were used hidden inside the wheel.

On the outside it looks lousy, not to mention it scratches the rim and corrodes easy. Not impressed, neither is my wife. Are we being too picky?
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Re: Too picky? (nfs60)

If it was my car I wouldnt be too happy, especially if you have nice wheels. Most independent shops will use the stick on weights on the inside of the wheel for aesthetic purposes.
I would take it back and have them put them on the inside.

? I would of kicked some ass if someone would of done that on the wheels I just got back from the PC lol
Ya it depends on what type of wheel and lip you have to weather they put stickies or clamped weights

I asked for stick on weights and I just happened to look back there while they were doing my wheels to see the kid pounding the weights on with a nice big brass hammer!!, Man I was mad. but I complained and they fixed the problem.
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