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I don't have an S60, but I just put T1-S on my Miata and I'm pretty impressed. Very nice grip.

In the US the Bridgestone S-03's are cheaper than the T1-S and they've received rave reviews, but here in Canada the S-03's are really expensive.

Come to think of it, your driving style will dictate which tires are appropriate.

One suggestion I have is to go to www.miata.net and look at the wheel and tire forum, you'll find a ton of recommendations that suit many different types of driving styles.

Just keep in mind that prices vary by region.

In BC, I also recommend www.tiretrends.com as that's where I bought my Toyo's.

I have no affiliation, yada yada yada ......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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