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I have a 97 850 GLT with the stock tire size on the stock rims (195/60/15). I needing/wanting to install 205/50/16. Does this mean I need to get new 16inch rims or what. Also, any suggestions for tires. I would like to have a performance tire that sticks on dry and wet pavements (not much ice here). I would also like to get some miles out of them. Any suggestions??

Thanks for the help
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Yes, you do need to get 16" wheels for the 205/50/16 tire size. To my knowledge, www.tirerack.com has the most complete selection of tires online. They have customer survey data for most of the tires available to help you decide.

They have some 16" wheels available, but I am unsure of the quality of any brand other than BBS. Maybe someone with firsthand knowledge can give you some suggestions for reliable sources/brands of wheels.
Yes, you will need 16-inch rims for 205/50/16 tires. The Tirerack has a huge selection of tires that you can configure online here at Swedespeed. You can even see how the wheels will look on your car.

There are two routes you can go. A, find some used wheels on ebay or IPD's classifieds and save some money and keep the stock look. or B, you can get some new wheels and pay a little more, but get exactly what you want. I tend to think that if i was going to spend hundreds of dollars on wheels (moda R6s this summer
), that personally I would rather have a 17' wheel that would set me apart from the rest of the Volvos in asheville. There are tons of T5s with the turbofan wheels here. The only downfall with the upgrade is the tires. Tire prices will go up, but I would keep the turbofans for the winter with cheap rubber. Also, a while back I believe R&T did a test on 16-18 wheels, and the 17s did the best in this test. I will have to try and find that article again... If i find it i'll post it.
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