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tire noise

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Over the past 4k miles (2-3 months), i have noticed loud tire noise from the rear. During the past 4k miles, the tires have been rotated (around 1.5-2k miles ago). Over the weekend i topped all 4 off with air, to equal 36 psi or so.

I dont want to point blame at the pirelli's just yet; does anyone have an idea what could be causing this noise? Unbalanced wheels? cold weather? etc

Tires = pirelli pzero nero 225/45-17, about 8 months old, approx 8-9k total accumulation.

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Re: tire noise (drexplode)

Your description is consistent with what is called cupping, or heel/toe wear and is not uncommon, but generallly is worse on the drive positions, but could happen on the rears, maybe, with larger cambers??. It tends to max out around 4-8k miles. It can get noisy, depending on the tires. It does seem a little out of place to be tires if they have been on the rear position. If the fronts are cupped differently then rotation should change the noise (it could be worse! - at least for a while).
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