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Tire help needed AGAIN - Please read

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Hey, guys, I really need your help on this one.

Remember this thread and this thread? Well, the tire saga continues. Please bear with me.

As you suggested, I went back to the insurance company last Saturday and did not accept the car because they had installed 91Y load-rated tires in the front which don't match the original 95Y rated ones in the rear. They said they would keep the car, do their research and change them if necessary.

During this week, I have talked to almost every person in their claims center and also to a claims handling supervisor who said she would have my problem taken care of and I have not heard back from her since, even though I have left her voicemails.

The people at the claims center have called several places, including my local dealerships and TireRack, but have not been able to find the 95Y tires. They also called Pirelli, where they were told those tires were discontinued. They are telling me that they cannot find the tires and that Pirelli told them the 91Y's are a suitable replacement. Last I heard from them yesterday was that they were not going to replace the tires and they were getting something in writing from Pirelli to prove the 91Y's are OK.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands, but so far I haven't had much luck, which is why I am asking for your advise.

I called Volvo customer service where they told me I had to call Pirelli. I called Pirelli customer service, where they told me they would not recommend this setup, but they couldn't send me anything in writing, as they don't get involved in any legal matters. They also said they didn't believe Pirelli could give my insurance company anything in writing saying otherwise, so I'm waiting to see what these people show me. My last move was calling Haldex and they said this setup didn't affect the function of their traction at all.

Is everybody right and I should accept these tires? If this is not the case, as you have advised before, I don't know where else to go.

Please help.
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Re: Tire help needed AGAIN - Please read (MASH)

Quote, originally posted by MASH »
They probobly discontinued those 95Y because of the harsh ride. In my opinion 4Y is OK for the difference.

My issue is not only the load rating and whether 91Y is enough, but also the non-matching loads between front and rear tires and whether the car will perform the same way. I need to prove otherwise or take the car.
Re: Tire help needed AGAIN - Please read (sgmlaw)

Thanks everyone for your advise and especially those of you who've offered to help.

MagoonR, only JohnnyEnglish and LTA have the right tires and they're selling a set of 4, not just two. LTA only sales in Canada too.

JimLill, thanks a lot for your really nice offer. If you weren't planning on selling those, don't. It's not my problem that my insurance company hasn't found the tires, and much less yours. I could help them find the tires, but it would be a favor to them, not me. Thanks again.

vintagemilano, I called both local dealers back then and they didn't have the tires.

MrTippy, thanks for your detailed explanation, but did you see the link provided by blot? Whether one or the other are true, I'd rather be on the safe side, especially when that's what my expensive coverage guarantees.

blot, great, great, GREAT article! I plan to show it to my insurance company.

LTA, hey, I thought you only shipped to Canada!
And no, I cannot ask them to reimburse me without an invoice.

rogersampson, that's what I figured, but my local dealers washed their hands saying the 91Y's were a suitable replacement for the original 95Y's and I may not know much about this, but I do know I don't trust those people's accumen, which is why I came here for the real advise.

sgmlaw, I searched the Wheel & Tire Classifieds section for "PZero" and "Rosso", but no ad from Yannis.

Anyways, I ended up talking to a manager in another location who was able to help. The agreement was that I picked up the car with the 91Y-rated tires and that they would order the 95Y's and call me back so that I can drop off my car once again.

After one month not driving it, I picked up the car last Saturday (I didn't think I could miss the Volvo this much! *LOL*). Then handed me a printout of e-mail from a tire vendor with 3 different dates when they could ship the tires from 3 different locations in the country. They are estimating June and I am OK with that.

Once again, thanks everyone! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Tire help needed AGAIN - Please read (JRL)

Quote, originally posted by JRL »
Took me 5 seconds

Scroll down, tires only now are for sale and still are available at a rediculously cheap price
Why don't you slow down, LOOK AT AND READ the ads?

It took me 5 seconds to find those posts too, as they came up in my "PZero" and "Rosso" searches, but the title was clear: "... Pegs with PZeros...", which, to me, means they are selling both the wheels and tires together. That's why I didn't even bother opening each one of the posts.

Now, let's make a deal. I slow down and you start being a tad nicer to your fellow posters. What do you say?

I am getting quite tired of your constant condescending, 21K-post, if-it's-Volvo-related-I-have-the-last-word, you-should-all-bow-down attitude. It's not cool in a community of this type. http://********************/smile/emthdown.gif

I respectfully ask of you that the next time you feel like posting something in that patronizing tone in one of my threads, to please refrain from posting altogether, no matter how informed and mighty you may think your erudite input may be. Thank you.
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