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Tips or Grille

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New tips:


or Grille (grill?)


Modified by Kallvin22 at 3:40 PM 6-20-2009
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Both... Tips first, grille second
Get the tips. As is, it looks like you made the exchaust from some leftover scaffolding..
Re: (miha11)

Yep, I voted tips. You should get them first then get the grill. But both IMHO are a must.
you back looks really Ghetto at the moment. Get the tips asap.
Tips! Is it possible to bring them back a little bit?
Re: Tips or Grille (Kallvin22)

Go with tips now. It looks nice and thanks for the info and pictures. I have the muffler now and was thinking of what AJ was suggesting, just kick the pipes down like the original and just leave them out of sight.
why don't you want nice tips sticking out the back Delhibeli?
Re: (Vash13)

Tips for sure. I have some dual 3.5 inch exhaust tips (single-walled) I could sell you for cheap. Just a thought.
Re: (taintedintuition)

Lol. I think the problem is he doesn't have tips at all.
Re: (Vash13)

I have not made up my mind yet. I was thinking of a clean look. If I do run them out the back, I may take the time and cut notches for the tips. Again, just trying to keep it clean.
Re: (Delhibeli)

Get some tit's, then go for the tips...(yout tips look terrible)
Re: Tips or Grille (Kallvin22)

TIPS.. Also have a question for ya. Did you just go with a new muffler or did you pipe it from cat back?
Re: Tips or Grille (Kallvin22)


You're doing your car a huge disservice having the muffler piping like that
Tips, you need 'em more more than a grill right now.
Re: (Delhibeli)

Just get the dynamic trim kit or cut it out yourself. I had the under the car exhaust
Re: (Vash13)

Okay so all it is, is just a new muffler hooked up to the stock exhaust and the muffler shop welded some ghetto piping on for a temperary "dual exhaust"

They let the piping come out so far so I can choose how far out I want it when I install tips.

I think it is clear that I will go with them first

And I'm just going to have the tips rest under the stock bumper until I spring for a new diffuser, if I choose

Thanks for all the replies! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Yeeeeeeeeeaahhh not so much on the grill. Those tips should have been the 1st thing you done to the car.


*nice tint
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