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Time to buy new shocks/struts

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Which one will be a better setup together with the Stock 850R springs. IPD Bilsteins or
Konis adjustable?I am using 215/45/17 tires SP9000!

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Anybody?? can give any suggestion???
I have heard lots good about Bilsteins and have installed them on a few cars work and last well. This winter I will be going with Ohlins adjustable with IPD sport srings or a set of coil overs for maximum adjustments. Why are you keeping the stock R springs? Are you happy with the way the car sits? They look awsome with just an inch drop!
Isn't the factory R springs already dropped a little? Does the IPD springs drop it even more? I kind of like the way it looks now and it seems do a good job as far as spring travel is concern. Haven't bottomed out when fully loaded yet. Anyone know if the IPD springs bottom out or is a problem going over speed bumps or even up a steep driveway?

I will need some shocks/struts soon also and was leaning towards Koni's. My experience has been that Bilstiens are a little more stiffer then Koni's and with the ride already on the stiffer side, I did not want to make the ride any worst. As far as quality is concern, they are both very good. Price wise, Koni's are a bit cheaper. My vote is for Koni's and stock R springs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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