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"Time for Regular Service" do I really need to?

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I had the oil changed less than 1000 miles go. Been driving with this light for about 2-300 miles. The car has about 57k on it, is this urgent? I plan on taking it in soon, but I shouldnt just stop driving it right?
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Re: "Time for Regular Service" do I really need to? (craina)

Re: "Time for Regular Service" do I really need to? (craina)

You said you just changed the oil, (search here how to cancel the light) and bring it in when you hit 60K miles for the BIG service
Of course you can drive it, nothing's wrong with it!
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I cant find what I need.. Looking for info on each service interval.. coming up on 30k what do i do aside from oil, angle gear inspection.. rotate tires.. blah blah blah
Re: (badams1897)

search in the glovebox, or the FAQ ^^^
Re: (FEO)

You can do all the "Regular Service" on your own, look in the maintenance supplement. I'm at 40,000 miles and have yet to have mine in to the dealer (except for a couple minor warranty issues), do everything on my own and all has been just fine.
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