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throttle switch on 740s

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I own a 91 740 turbo that I want to turn up the boost on, I have been told by my boss that the throttle switch might have to changed so that the full throttle part of it can be used. He thinks that the full side of the switch is not hooked up. Is this true to anyones knowledge, or is it some that you had to do on older ones only? I tried tracing the wire myself, but the wiring diagram that I have to work with is not good at all(AllData), so I need some help.
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No, that is incorrect. The throttle switch on a 700 series with LH injection is a simple on/off switch. It isn't a potentiometer like some later engine mangagement systems.

You need to either turn your wastegate rod to make the rod shorter, or buy a G. Valve (what I'd recommend) from www.dawesdevices.com.

You can go up to 13 or 14psi on the stock fuel system safely without knocking.

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