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This article is from Reuter.
If this article is wrong and the test is incorrect, why didn't volvo sue them?
We buy volvo for safety.
Even though we pay lots of money for Volvo, why do we have to take the risk?
We also have volvo s60.(We bought the car because of the car's safety)
We want to return the car.
We are going to have baby, so we must not let me and my family take the danger!
We already called volvo, but they just said
they are gathering informations right now and did not give us any timeline. Basically, they want us to wait until it's proven. I think they are waiting until sombody gets sick.
I am not driving my car right now.
As you can see in this article, they tested other cars too and other cars were okay.
Do we have to keep this car?
Following is the article.

STOCKHOLM, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Three models made by Volvo Car Corp, known for its safety-conscious luxury sedans, have electromagnetic fields up to 80 times higher than levels considered safe, a study published on Thursday said.

The three Volvo models fared worst in the study which measured exposure of several body parts to the electromagnetic fields in each of the cars' seats. The highest microtesla levels were measure on the drivers' left foot area.

There was no scientific proof that such electromagnetic fields may be the cause of illnesses such as cancer, the spokesman said.

Some studies have found magnetic fields may be a cause of childhood leukemia and miscarriages, but there is considerable uncertainty around the issue.

It was not known how the electromagnetic fields affected different parts of the body but that they could affect pregnant women.

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