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I now have a code for "right rear wheel sensor" in VIDA, which I pulled as soon as I stopped the car. The right rear was smoking a bit and there is heavy black grease/oil all over the wheel.

Did I have a catastrophic bearing failure or did something else happen?

Thanks in advance.

The VIDA readout is:
Time when DTC was stored first time 360.71 h
Current gear Gear 3
Torque from engine 480 Nm
Requested torque 480 Nm
Clutch pedal Unaffected (or equiped with automatic gearbox)
STC/DSTC function Enabled
Engine Speed 1536 rpm
Voltage supply ECU 13.64 V
Pump engine, status Not Active
Vehicle Speed 61.44 km/h
Acceleration reference 24.33 m/s²
Brake disc temperature 0 °C
Steering angle 0 °
Driving direction forwards
Brake pressure, pressure sensor 1 -40.96 bar
Brake pressure, break pressure sensor 2 -40.96 bar
Regulation mode ABS Not Active
Regulation mode SC Not Active
Regulation mode TC Not Active
Regulation mode AYC Not Active
Regulation mode TC AWD Not Active
Over/understeering no under or over steering
Pedal pressure sensor Not Active
Accelerometer, side acceleration -175.80 m/s²
Accelerometer, acceleration 170.30 m/s²
Actual yaw rate 79.36 °/s
Requested yaw rate -81.92 °/s
Active booster Not Active
Operating mode EBA Disabled
Operating mode EBD Enabled
Operating mode TC Disabled
Operating mode SC Disabled
Operating mode AYC Enabled
Operating mode ACC Disabled
Operating mode TC AWD CD
Operating mode ABS Disabled

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Sounds like you lost a CV boot and it took out the ABS sensor.

OR you lost the tone ring and it tore up your CV boot. The tone rings can get rust under them which expands and splits the ring, where it comes off and gets jammed up.

Either way you probably have a half shaft to replace at the least.
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