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thinking about new rims and tires

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The roads in North Texas are pretty bumpy and I am thinking about going with some 205/50/16's with new rims...has anyone here replaced their stock R rims and tires with 16's?....any impressions?....I don't think I will miss much in the handling and the 16's ought to make up with a better ride...
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I tried the volvo columba 16" rims on my 850R.I dont like it that much. The fender gap between the wheels does not look good. and it got a bit more body roll in during turns.since I am using MXV2 tires, may be it perform not that well because of the tires.But it feels more comfortable and for sure it got a better ride!

Be sure that you get the right size tires. If you check the main site, our project 850R came originally on 16" turbo fans, though the tires were a little bigger than stock. They rubbed like heck in hard turns. Otherwise, I think this is a fairly common move for many 850 R owners.
Mine came from the dealer with 16" rims (looks like the '60 5 spoke Bullit rims). Tires are 205/50/16. They do look a little small but as far as the ride and handling, I have nothing to compare to and they seem fine with me. Could be better in the corners but can't tell if the tires are the limiting factor. I am assuming that some IPD bars will help. The car is factory lowered and I have not had any problems with these tires rubbing anywhere. The problem is that with 16" rims the car looks like any other 850 wagon out there. Mine needs something to make it stand out a little. Anyone has any ideas on how to personalize it?
Funny you mention ipd swaybars..the car originally came with ipd front and rear swaybars...the car had been making a noticable clunking noise..the dealer put it on a lift when we noticed a crack in the rear sway bar..along the rear passenger side the clip that holds the bar is cut...I called IPD but the lifetime warranty only applies to the original owner..as for the rims and tires, I will probably go with some Dunlop SP9000's and some 16x7.5 Milla Miglia MM11-2's...how much do you think I can get for 5 clean 850R rims with two brand new tires?....
Which rims do you have and what size tires? I was thinking about going with 17" rims. Roads here in the Bay area, CA aren't too bad and I was considering at the least 205/45/17 tires. 40s are too low. Too bad we couldn't trade. I might be interested when you are ready. Price? $$$$ everything is negotiable...

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I was thinking about going with some 16x7.5's...and sticking with the 205/50 size tires...
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