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Re: Thermostat replaced (Johann)

Quote, originally posted by Johann »
Car gave a fault message, engine not warming up fast enough...

Never noticed anything from the meter, weather is cold for the last 3 or so months with temps mostly around 32 degree.

Last Friday the code was read from the car. After that I payed a bit more attention to the meter and I noticed that when driving slower (...) the needle was just before mid indicator, not more than one mm. When driving a bit more spirited the needle was exactly in the middle.

After replacing the thermostat it showed that a small "bearing ball" thingy in the thermostat was missing..

I hate these 'idiot gauges' most manufacturers saddle us with. The temperature dials on most cars pretty much have three positions. Cold, Ok, and Hot, with a fairly huge temperature range reading OK (meaning pegged to the center of the gauge). Apparently keeps people from obsessing about it and making unnecessary service calls.
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