A teaser shot of the Volvo XC40 has been released early on Instagram, giving us our first glimpse of what the new compact SUV's rear will look like.

According to the post, the picture was accidentally released early on Volvo's German site, then taken down quickly. Fortunately for those of us who are interested in seeing the XC40,
managed to get the picture before it was removed.[/URL]

post shared by Marcel P. Kilz (@mkilz)[/URL] on Jul 21, 2017 at 1:37am PDT

Volvo has made a big deal recently over how much more expressive and colorful the XC40 will be than its grown up siblings, but those teasers did little to show us what the car would, you know, look like.

Now, though, we can see that it really does look like the 40.1 concept from earlier this year. Or at least, its tail does, but that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, this one doesn't appear to be painted in one of those "expressive" colors Volvo was bragging about, but it does at least look like the roof might be differently colored to the rest of the body, which would at least make good on their promise to introduce a two-tone car.

Unfortunately, this is still just a teaser, so we'll have to wait until this fall-when it will reportedly debut-to see it in all its glory. That does feel like it's a long way off, doesn't it?