The British Touring Car Championship is having a celebration. This year marks 60 years of the series. So they're throwing a parade for the Diamond Jubilee, and the latest addition to the lineup of greatest hits is one of the most iconic racecars of the 1990s.

It's the Volvo 850 wagon that was run by Tom Walkinshaw Racing, starting in 1994. This 850 hauled more butt than groceries and was as likely to be on two-wheels as four. This track day hauler is packing a 2.0L inline five that was turbocharged to 290 hp. And those tucked O.Z. racing wheels might be one of the few times where stance and performance go together instead of fighting. It will be driven by Rickard Rydell, who was behind the wheel of the car back in 1994.

It won't be the only iconic touring Volvo at the event. The S40 that won the title in 1998, with Rydell behind the wheel there as well, will be coming back to mark 20 years since it won.

"I'm really looking forward to it," said Rydell. "I retired from being a professional racer a few years ago but I'm always happy to do some more races for fun and this, for all the obvious reasons, will be a very special occasion for me. We are hoping to get some of the 1998 TWR team back together for a reunion, too."

The parade and vintage racing are part of the Silverstone Classic. The classic motor racing celebration sees more than 1,000 race entries spanning race cars from the very beginning through to the modern era.