April was all about the XC series, with the XC60, XC40, and XC90 all contributing heavily to increasing sales in America.

With no XC40 or XC60 (the latest version, that is) to sell at this time last year, the year-over-year figures were always going to favor April 2018, but sales of those three SUVs alone made up roughly three quarters of all sales last month.

Volvo sold 1,400 XC40s; 2,476 XC60s (2,492 if you count the last gen XC60, too); and nearly 2,300 XC90s. That amounts to 6,178 SUVs. By comparison, Volvo sold 7,121 cars in total in April of 2017.

With the help of the V series, Volvo sold a total of 8,333 vehicles in April of 2018, 17% more than it did in 2017.

That’s a trend that has held true all year, so far, meaning that Volvo has sold 28,000 vehicles so far in 2018, nearly 40% more than it did at this point last year.

With XC40 sales still picking up steam, and XC60 sales showing no signs of slowing down, Volvo should be on course for a solid year, sales-wise.