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After 2.5 years of dependable, spirited service it is time to say goodbye to my R.
101500 miles on the original angle gear and collar. (living on borrowd time waiting for the $2000 POP)
4 bent pegs ($800-$1000)
4 tires needing replaced ($600-$900)
100k service due (+/- $400)
Lower control arm bushings ($670)
100 mile round trip commute
one kid starts driving in 2 years.
the other starts in 3 years.
the economy and the prices (incentives and rebates) on new cars right now
it was time to make the change.
Bought the wife a new car, lowered my payment by $50 a month and had some left over to buy a 1979 Triumph Spitfire to tinker with.
I will continue to lurk around SS as I enjoy the convo. (and arguments on OTF)
If anyone sees a Red 04 SR auto with 101k miles and a small dent over the pass rear tire well for sale or auction. be warned.

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Re: The R is Gone (mpdbrown)

Quote, originally posted by mpdbrown »
Sorry chappy. That car was in good shape...

yeah, i have no complaints about the car other than the soft as play-doo rims. (and the turning radius...lol)
all systems functioned as they should.
the interior held up really well. the seats were in great shape.

i hated to let it go...but i was staring down +/- $5k in the next 6 months.
thats a tough pill to swallow right now...wife's job has cut her hours to a 3 day week...soooooo.....

it was well maintained just needs some standard wear and tear items replaced. other than the angle gear that car has another 100k in it at least.

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Re: The R is Gone (Capital R)

Quote, originally posted by Capital R »
You did just what you should do with this car: DRIVE IT!

Well done! 100k+ miles in 30 months is impressive, especially on ONE angle gear!

I did drive the sh!t out of it...I am the second owner...but I got a full service history when I bought it. it had just come out of warrenty when I got it so unless the previous owner paid for an angle gear out of pocket there was none listed on the service history.

it had just under 38k on it when I got it so I only put 60 some thousand on it.

and they were the funnest 60k i have ever driven

i will miss it.

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Re: (firehawk618)

Quote, originally posted by firehawk618 »
Was it GT or MT?

i wanted the MT when i bought it but the wife is not the best stick driver in the world so i decided it would be best to go with the auto.
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