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Re: The Little Letter That Could (Matt S.)

Day 1:

It's Monday, April 17th. After many months of waiting and waiting for my ETM reimbusement letter from Volvo, I decide to finally take the plunge and download a copy from Don's vexedvolvo.org website. Will this really work?

The letter on Don's web site turns out to be an exact copy of the original that Volvo is sending out. You see, I had contacted Volvo Customer Care repeatedly and asked for the letter. A phone rep eventually took pity on me and mailed me a copy on March 24, 2006. (I had only been calling since November 2005!)

The letter from Volvo was a copy of some other customer's letter with personal info redacted. The header containing their name, address, and VIN number was chopped off. But page two was there with the all important state tax reimbursement assignment form.

Now I felt confident enough to download Don's online copy into Word and paste in my own VIN.

So I attached all my receipts and covered the letter with a letter of my own. I requested a total reimbusement of $1224.35. This included:

--Repairs related to ETM breakdown #1
--Replacement of ETM after breakdown #2
--Car Rental

Sent the "Little Letter That Could" via certified mail, return receipt requested.
Go Little Letter Go!
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