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Re: The Chinese Grand Prix - Shanghai Circuit - starts 4-17-09 (RearWheelPaul)

The diffuser issue is a dead one, but it will impact this entire season. Nothing will be done to ensure these things do not occur in the future (i.e., consistent FIA rulings, clearly and completely written rule-books (how can they be?), so this same type of thing will come up again. If you read the rule-book, there really is no way to see the BrawnGP challenger *except* to see it contravening the "holes in the floorboard" rule. The reason they ruled as they did on Tuesday, is the same reason they make other sport-damaging decisions, like 5pm start times in frikkin Asia. For the show of it. Not the sport of it.

The biggest take-away though, is that with the right solutions, a car without KERS and without the DDD *can* win a GP. Can they do it in the dry? No. Not as a result of their own speed anyway, there's no need to even consider it. And no other team has Adrian Newey (who is finally getting some results out of his impressive designs). But that's the talent aspect, and that is where the leaps should take place.

This season's rule-changes were meant to improve overtaking, and create drama on the grid, which they have done. And it is annoying.

The FIA is incentivizing "giving up" in the hopes that more time could be spent on the next year's challenger. That is why Honda, Williams and Toyota have such an advantage. They all began work on this year's car very early on in the 2008 championship. How is that good for the sport? Alas, it is done, so there's no point bemoaning it now. I'm just thankful for a bit of rain, and great talents to take advantage of it (and no, I'm not talking about Hamilton
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