Durability is a core tenet of the Volvo philosophy.

That’s been true pretty much since the birth of the Volvo car marque in 1927, and it’s been said that long after humankind has gone extinct, all that will be left is swarms of cockroaches buzzing about in old Volvos. Still, no vehicle is immune to the odd mechanical or electrical fault, and the Volvos of today aren’t nearly as simple and straightforward to fix as your grandpa’s old 240 wagon. That’s partly because of Volvo’s other core tenet, safety, which in today’s parlance effectively means a ton of cameras, sensors, and highly sophisticated equipment all working in concert to help prevent traffic collisions that might otherwise occur. There are many potential failure points in any modern car, and if you’re driving your Volvo outside its original factory warranty coverage, you should be prepared for a headache or two.

Thankfully, today’s new car buyer also has access to better, more comprehensive extended warranty plans than have ever before been offered. Avoiding a headache – and sometimes, heartbreak – is often as simple as shopping around for the best extended warranty coverage, and in that domain, there’s one source we’d recommend over anyone else: Steingold Volvo Cars of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Steingold Volvo Cars is one of the most senior Volvo dealers in North America, first opening its doors way back in 1934 – years before the second world war. The family-owned and -operated dealership is an institution in the Volvo world, and they happen to be among the foremost sellers of Volvo Increased Protection, or VIP, extended warranty plans.

What makes Steingold Volvo Cars such a high-volume VIP plan seller? Partly, it’s their honest and straightforward approach, which is a welcome breath of fresh air in a world largely dominated by “salesman” types. And partly, it’s because Steingold Volvo Cars offers the biggest VIP plan discounts in the country, leveraging its large sales volumes to deliver big savings to its customers. Those are two very big incentives to buy through Steingold, whether you and your Volvo live in Rhode Island or not.

To make the VIP plan buying process even simpler for consumers, Steingold Volvo Cars has launched a new, 100% online purchase portal that’s among the most user-friendly we’ve ever seen. There, you can shop the dealer’s selection of extended warranty, tire and wheel protection, and prepaid maintenance plans without ever having to set foot in the dealership. If it were our own cars, we would be particularly keen on Steingold’s VIP extended warranty service contract, which is offered in three different levels of protection to cover everything from the engine and transmission to the cooling system, steering, electrical subsystems, and plenty more.

These plans cannot be sold to residents of Florida or California, but if you live anywhere else in the US, you’re in the clear. You won’t ever need to bring your Volvo in for an inspection before purchasing, and the amount of extra coverage you get is truly staggering: up to six additional years past the termination of your original factory warranty, or a grand total of 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. That’s some long-lasting peace-of-mind.

And there’s something else you should know, too: while Steingold’s pricing is always fair, right now, the dealer is offering readers of this site a $200 discount on all VIP plans, using the promo code “SWEDESPEED”. That’s $200 off any VIP extended warranty or tire and wheel protection plan purchased online through Steingold Volvo Cars, regardless of what level of protection you decide on. Just go to vip.steingold.com, make your selection, and enter the promo code to take advantage. And whenever you find yourself in need of a new extended warranty or tire and wheel protection plan for your Volvo, always make sure that Steingold Volvo Cars is your first stop.