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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a product that I have used on four cars now and have had great results. Since it is summer, many of us are going to do washing and waxing of the paint. Hoping this helps. It should also make it easier to remove bugs from road trips, especially for the XC90 since it's "the King of road tripping vehicles," lol. I have tried many sealants and waxes out there, including the SiO2 (silica/ceramic) infused ones. I also have done ceramic coatings on two XC90s and five cars overall. However, I really couldn't believe the results of this product.

It is the Turtle Wax Seal N Shine. Yes, that Turtle Wax. I haven't used a Turtle wax product in over 15 years, but had to see if the hype was real. It doesn't give the same slickness feeling of a ceramic spray product like Carpro's Reload, but the paint feels "buttery" with the Turtle Wax. I like it because it gives a good shine, lasts, is durable, and is cheap. Around $6-8 depending on where you are at. I think people are noticing its value because for me, Amazon has a 2 week wait. Found mine online at Walmart.

My only suggestion is upon application. Do not spray too much or it will streak. I like to use the 2 towel method. 1st one to spread when applying and a 2nd one to help level so there aren't streaks. A few times I had to spritz water onto a 3rd towel for additional wiping to remove streaks, more so needed for black paint. If the 1st towel is starting to get hard due to the sealant hardening, then grab a new towel. I just use the yellow microfiber towels from Costco; good price for a lot of towels. The Seal N Shine can also stand up to the heat of the wheels. When doing freshly cleaned wheels, I spray on a microfiber towel first then I wipe it into all the grooves and areas of the wheels. I also used the same method to do the black plastic of the bumpers and side sills. Heck, I wiped it onto the headlights, taillights, and side view mirrors. There is no white residue. If you want greater results, do a quick clay bar so the sealant adheres to the paint better.

There you go. I hope that helps protect your paint and looking forward to seeing some shiny XC90 pics.

A few videos for your reference:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOHcchAB7-0 - believe this is the same product, just labeled differently in the UK
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