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Re: The Angle Gear- I am new here and have some questions I hope someone can answer. (Skol797)

1. Is this a known problem on the 2004's that has been resolved on newer S60R's. If so, what is the new part number?

When you say that you blew out your angle gear, what do you mean exactly? Did you strip the teeth on the input shaft of the angle gear, or did you actually do damage to the internals? The most common problem with the angle gear is actually with the collar gear or spline gear that mates the output shaft of the transmission to the input shaft of the angle gear. The collar gear will strip out and may take the teeth on the shaft of the tranny and/or the angle gear with it.

There is an upgraded collar gear that has a nitride coating that may reduce wear. The part number of the upgraded collar gear for the manual transmission is The updated part number is 31256008 (see this thread for more info:

2. Will the angle gear from a different Volvo fit and potentially be a stronger unit? (A thread I read and can no longer find indicated that the XC60? angle gear was capable of 50% more torque I think)

06 and 07 Rs with the automatic transmission came with an upgraded angle gear that handles more torque, but there is no collar gear available that will mate the output shaft of that upgraded angle gear to the output shaft of the M66 manual transmission.

3. If I find a used one, what should be checked? I am thinking backlash or something. What would hte right specs be?

Can't help you here. I have no idea, other than to look at the state of the input shaft splines. If they are in good shape, i would guess that the angle gear is OK, unless it was run dry.

4. Is there a downloadable shop manualout there? I got mine out, and would like the correct torque specs when I re-install. (or is std torque acceptable?)
And is the paste function disabled? How do I post a pic of the grenade?

There is no shop manual out there, but you can try downloading VADIS (can be found relatively easy by doing a torrent search). In order to post a picture you have to upload it to an image hosting site like photobucket and then cut and paste the link that the image hosting site provides into your post using the "Insert Image" button above the text entry window.


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