When I first saw these S90 model images on Facebook Saturday, I recalled the Concept Coupe that I sat in at the Volvo Design Center in California. A beautiful design study for the future of Volvo vehicles. With the spy photos hitting the web, the appetite for the S90 is building. This weekend the photos of these models have spread quickly within the Volvo community.

The lines of the S90 model follow the design language of the Coupe. From the A-pilar forward, the S90 matches the Coupe and the C-pilar window trim matches the coupe's shape. The model appears legitimate but authenticity to the real vehicle will remain suspect until the real S90 is revealed or caught in the wild without camouflage. For now, we can compare to the Concept Coupe for what to expect. What appears noticeably different is the tail light design. The S90 model has a much larger, thicker appearance and the lens wraps around to the fender, whereas on the coupe's elegantly thin lens does not.


We may hear "cannot confirm" statements Volvo Corporate Communications but as the reveal of the S90 approaches these images help us imagine what may be below the recent spy photos.

The front end design looks is a match to the Concept Coupe and that is a good thing. A pleasant surprise would be for Volvo to deliver a S90 coupe in the class of the Mercedes E400 Coupe and spark memories of the Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone. The Concept Coupe was well received and I suspect the S90 sedan will deliver XC90-like sales numbers.


We look forward to the reveal of the S90 but until then join the discussion in our new S90 subforum .