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The 850R "Flag" Symbol! *PIC*

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There was a discussion a while back about the "unknown" flag symbol that appears on some 850R models. When I was visiting my local Volvo dealer a few months ago, I saw this symbol on the back of a black 1995 Volvo 850R. I had never seen this before, but it is supposed to represent the 850's racing heritage in the BTCC, ATCS, and STCC touring car races.

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Okay, I've seen it afterall. That's pretty cool. Next time I go to the dealer, I'll have to check for a part number.
That is my picture!!
The flag emblem came standard on the T-5Rs. I bought it at my dealer for about $25.
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I don't know what the volvo part # is, but i know ipd carries them... here is the url, hope it works... and they are only $8
from ipd. If the url doesn't work, they are under front wheel drive, under Collectibles.
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Go to www.ipdusa.com, click "Collectibles" on the left, then click "Souvenirs", then click "ipd Domed Plastic Emblem". $8.00 for the "Motorsport" emblem, and $9.00 for the "R" emblem.

(No, I don't work for, nor am I associated with IPD in any way)
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Just want to clarify a little bit. The IPd ones are not really the same as the one volvo sells. The one from Volvo is much nicer made with hard plastic while the IPd version is a "photo-copy" version made with soft plastic. I have a couple of the IPD ones laying around in my house, I got them for free when I was in some Volvo meets. Here is a link to a bigger pic of my Volvo one. http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/tlui99/850.gif
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