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well just thought i might start this one off.
this is a bit of usless infomation on the 142GT.enjoy

the 142GT is quite a nice little car, it has alot to offer for a race car.straight from the factory the 1960's car displayed a 2 littre twin SU with 118hp motor, not a bad line up for a car of that era. even thow volvo stopped its direct involvment in motorsport in 1966, the company still was intersted in surplying tunning parts.
this ment you could cruse down to your local dealer and purchace a 142GT enhanced by one of sevral sports tunning packs.

The kit included, special instruments alloy wheels, a stripe and a front spoiler and engine modifications. The GT kit with a twin choke down draft Solex carburettor and head modifications gave 128hp. Tuning kit B20Special 1 consisting of twin dual side draught Solex carburettors, modified head, extractor exhaust, special camshaft and valve lifters gave 140-145 hp.
For racing customers Tuning Kits B20 Special 2 and 3 were available giving up to 180 hp when the engine was bored out to 2.2 litres. In 1969 with a fairly light 142 180hp straight from the dealer would have been a revelation and to round it all off the car sported 142GT badges.
if you wanted the real deal the Repco Headwas the way to go, this was developed in the 1960's for the B18 and used in Amazons and 140's in racing and mainly rallying including international rallies like the London to Sydney Marathon of 1968. They were also used for speedway midget cars.
the repco head

The head is an alloy Heron design, i.e. the head surface is flat and the piston has a bowl in it to create a combustion chamber, in the sixties it increased power to about 150/160hp but reliability was a problem, camshafts did not last long and apparently oil was hard to keep in.
In 1969 there was a story that Volvo Australia planned to produce a high performance 142 with the Repco engine, a LSD and mag wheels, they even had badges ready but Volvo Sweden stopped this plan, probably wise for protecting a reputation of reliability but a pity non the less. Had Volvo bolted its available performance parts on to its 60's and 70's cars and called them special models the company would not now be struggling to create a more sporting image, and we would have some more interesting old cars to play with!

the 142 is is a nice car to drive, good hadeling with the performance to match. the suspenion is good to modify and the car has a n agressive look to it when lowered. all-in-all the car is a great package.
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