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Re: TGIF RRRants & RRRaves for Friday April 3, 2009 (1800girl)

The cat escaped my domain ... so I had to go out and buy some stuff (earlier this week, believe he escaped on Monday).
The stuff wasn't cheap
Enjoyed building the fence since Tuesday, 2.5m high above ground + 70cm deep. Had to make concrete to secure the poles. The weather was fantastic ... believe it was today 20°c in shadow and the days before only a few lower.
Also had a nice drive yesterday to Eindhoven Airport (2x80km), my mom flew back to France, she received her last medical-injection against her "neck-hernia".

Leffe Blond, will switch soon towards Absolut (haven't eaten yet a thing today, not even candy, it's now past 7pm so the fluids work fast

The Police, Ghost in the Machine

looking forward towards the 2nd F1 race this weekend ... I really enjoyed the 1st. New rules just rock

included plans

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