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...and I was impressed. For the price of a fully decked out Audi A4 or a base model A6, this car held it's own. Acceleration was smooth, the ride was comfortable and the car had every amenity that you'd ever need.

Needless to say, the turbo engine was sweet. I love turbo cars. I wonder what the T5 would feel like? The steering was a bit light, but the brakes were nice and grippy, a tad over sensitive, but I quickly got used to it.

Couple things I didn't care for:

1. Even though acceleartion was good, the pick-up was not as fast as a VW or Audi turbo.

2. Interior space was good, but the drivers cockpit area felt small - the foot and leg area is small and somewhat cramped. The dash control unit sticks WAY out into the cabin adding to the cramped feel.

3. Hey Volvo, lose those black side strips and color code them to the body color.

I currently drive a Jetta 1.8T and I'm looking to the future as to what car I would get next. This car will definitely be on my list, next to an Audi S4, A6, BMW M3, 540 or Mercedes CLK.
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