Tesla's Model 3 played a late-stage part in the development of Volvo's XC40 Recharge, one that's likely made it better for those planning on taking the Swedish EV for long-range drives.

We increased the battery size," Volvo CTO Henrik Green told Automotive News Europe, speaking about the company's thoughts when the 322-mile Model 3 Long Range launched. "We thought we had a good balance between cost and size before, but when we saw that come out we said, 'Maybe they have a point here'."

That's why the top pack for the XC40 Recharge is now 78 kWh. The company was originally planning a pack in the 60s, allowing for a range probably in the low 200s.

"We put in some extra modules," the CTO said. "It moves the price point up a bit but it adds range so we would be in the same area" as the Model 3. The WLTP expected range for the XC40 is 249 miles.

Green also revealed that he wasn't always fully sold on the electric XC40 idea. "I wasn't as confident when we made this decision three years ago," to make the XC40 Recharge Volvo's first battery-electric vehicle. "I thought it was much more of a gamble, but now I think it's in the perfect position," he said.

It's helped by the fact that it'll sit largely alone in its market segment when it arrives. Expected in the $55-60,000 range, far less than the other BEV luxury crossovers like the Jaguar I-Pace, Merc EQC, and Tesla Model X.

Automotive News Europe