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So far, I am having a blast. Thought it would be tough to break it in, but when you have that killer sound system and those comfy seats...never had so much fun just cruising around!

I already got some bird**** on my hood, good thing it left a mark! Dammit!

The Black Saphire Metallic looks tremendous and the Thors are shining nicely, just wish the leather wasn't as stinky! At least my entire garage smells nicer!

The car, in its much less strenuous break-in mode is getting pretty good mileage, half a tank got me 360k (225mi), I like the trip computer which is very accurate with its info but also how you drive.

Does anybody find 1st gear very short? It has taken me a while to leave smoothly, seems like it really wants to take off at the light/stopsign.

I like the suspension and the standard P6s were okay, very quiet. However, I immediately got rid of them, got a credit and applied it towards same size 235s Dunlop SP8000s. What a huge difference. The car rides firmer, the steering feels more substantial and the brakes are now stupid powerful. What a huge difference from a relatively inexpensive tire. I recommend it big time!

So far, very happy with my T5!
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