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Okay so ive read the tcv install posts on here and even ref. the vacuum diagram on my car, but they havent answered my questions. Below is how my car is set up but im seriously doubting if its right or not.

1. my cbv line is routed over the top of the timing belt area (where my boost gauge is tied in) and connects to the underside of rht eair intake.

2. the red on my ipd tcv goes into the top of the turbo, like near the WG but not.

3. the yellow goes to the WG

4. the blue goes under and behind the turbo, I cant see or reach the line so its the stock black stuff. it just barely sticks out enough to attach it.

Does this seem correct to yall? Ive seen posts where the line over the top of the engine to the air intake is connected to the tcv so im confused.

Thanks in advance. I could really use any help as my car is stuck and I cant get to work easily.
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