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Takspeed S60 brake lines

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Just got my Takspeed brake lines in!....... the bag for them says 2001-2005 S60 and their site says VOL-1210 Volvo S60/V70 (01-)
Anyone have any experience with these?
I hope they def work for AWD too. Thought it was straight up enough to order these.
Sent Takspeed an email for any info on this. If anyone has these lines or knows about these it would be much appreciated.

---Wow got response really fast from Alan at Takspeed http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

"The labeling on the package is a bit out of date because the lines were assembled in 2005. The current information we have from the supplier is that the VOL-1210 fits all S60/V70 except for the "R". I am double checking with my sources on that and will get back to you if there is a problem."

I was
upon checking out the parts and saw 2005 lol

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