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Past two weeks experienced many of the symptoms listed in various forums: No response from key fob, dash button or handle on tailgate. “i” information on dash indicating tailgate open. Kicking the tailgate at the base allowed it to open a few times. Now nothing works. Removed the rubber cover on the tailgate handle to expose the micro-switch under it. When pushed I hear a clicking sound each time it is pushed and 2 rear lights flash on and off. After 2-3 pushes no response until I wait a minute and try again. When driving the dash indicated the tailgate is open but it is closed tight.
This all started weeks ago when the tailgate would not close. I realized the latch was in the wrong position after attempting to close it several times and used a flat head screwdriver to switch it back to the proper position and that worked for a while. Now NOTHING will open the tailgate. HELP!
Anyone have directions/video on how to dismantle the interior of the tailgate when closed? Any other suggestions appreciated.
2015 Volvo XC70 3.0L T6 AWD Platinum
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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